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About The App

A smart partner that looks after the health of the whole family

  • A way to have all the necessary information accessible in one place
  • “Backup memory” that will remind you when you need to take your medicine or go to a doctor
  • Easier and more accessible health care
  • A place for sharing information and caring for health of up to 5 people and 2 pets
  • Non-stop support


We save a lot of things into our phones these days. Meetings, shopping lists, friends’ birthdays. We like to have an overview of everything.

But what about the health and welfare of our family and loved ones? Family Care is a smart partner who takes care of that. All the information is in one place and handy anytime.

It remembers important things for you and the organisation of doctor’s appointments or looking after ill relatives is much easier that way. And every day.

What it offres?

Keeps all important

The application keeps an eye on all that is important regarding the health of the whole family, pets and health care while travelling.

Automatically alerts

After entering data, you have the application automatically notifies all the essentials (taking medicines, doctor visits, vaccinations ... more below).

Sends SMS / Emaily

Notification by SMS or e-mail will also be sent to the phone of your loved ones.

Leave your worries into

The result is your peace, relief from worries that you wear in the barrel. In short, easier and more affordable health care.

It mainly informs about:

  • Suffered illnesses
  • Undergone treatments
  • Current medication dosages
  • Injuries and operations
  • Allergies and intolerances
  • Blood type
  • Time when to take a medicine
  • Examinations and doctor's visits
  • A system of preventive check-ups
  • Visits to the veterinarian
  • Vaccinations etc.

What else it manage...

Android & iOS

The application is currently available for Android and iOS operating systems

In english

It is available in different language mutations: CZ, EN, DE, FR en SP

It´s Simple

It is a simple, intuitive and user-friendly application for all age categories


You will have all the latest information available through your account, even when moving from one system to another or after a phone device change, without having to re-enter all the data

Web administration

Enter and edit all your data off the phone you can also be performed easily via a web interface, which is part of the whole application

Your information is always and everywhere

Through your account you will have the latest information available during the transition from one system to another, or when you change your phone without reentering all data

Download Family Care App

Find App in your App Store / Google play

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